NCERT Words and Expression Unit 6 Solution


Q.1. A forester laughs when Wangari Mathaai says that they wanted to plant 15 million trees. Why did the forester react in this manner?
   The Forester laughed when Wangari Mathai said they wanted to plant 15 million trees. It was so because he was convinced that they could not plant many trees.
Q.2. What role does money play in the given extract?
Money does not play any role in the given extract .These people  did not have money and they did everything without money.
Q.3. “When you plant a tree and you see it grow, something happens to you.” Explain what do you understand by the above quote.
The Above quote indicates that we grow an affection and a liking towards a plant or tree which we have grown. We start taking care of it and protecting it 
 Q.4. “Rain can be a blessing and a curse.” Analyse how nature can be both a blessing and a curse
Nature can be both a blessing and a curse. It can be a be a blessing because it helps the seed to germinate. on the other hand, it can be
curse because sometimes it carries away the unprotected rich soil with it which could have benn used by him.
Q.5. “It is wonderful to see that transformation.” What is the ‘transformation’ the author is talking about here?
The author is talking about the transformation that a person undergoes when he plants a tree or gets attached to it. He starts realising the real value of a tree. He wants to protect and see it grow. It is at that moment that a person sees immediate  relationship between man and environment
(a) When is the seed festival celebrated in Odisha?
The seed festival is celebrated in the early month of April, in Odisha.

(b)Which are the seeds preserved by the Kondhs?

The kondhs preserve the seeds of millets,pulses,tubers,dried fruits and roots.

(c) Why are the seeds preserved?
The seeds are preserved to be grown in the next while others are saved to be eaten later on
(d) How do they celebrate the festival?
The festival begins with mud and sweeping of mud and cow dung floors. Then  the women gathered in courtyard and clean seeds from their husk.
(e) How are the seeds preserved?
The seeds are preserved either by grinding and mixing the neem leaves with the seeds as an insecticide the seed basket with cow dung disinfectant.
Q.2. Tick the correct answer.
(c) Although some families have not saved the seeds yet they participate in the festival
Q.3. How is the seed festival of Odisha a perfect example of community participation? Find words for ‘Bijun Parab’ in your language.
The seeds festivals of Odisha is an perfect example of community participation ,as it is celebrated in a collective manner. Even those people who have not saved seeds participate in  the celebration of the festival.`Bijin Parab` is the same as Beejostav.


1. Make ten words (of five or more letters) from the word below. 
 The meanings of some words are given below which will help you to find out the words
. (a) fright                 scare
 (b) artistic words     craft
(c) fertiliser              manure
(d) not certain            unsure 
(e) false unsure
(f) one’s essential characteristic or temperament nature
(g) a small river strea
(h) ways or methods means
(i) wooden box crate
(j) border enclosing a picture frame


1. Read the following sentences and match column A with column B to complete the sentences. Also use appropriate punctuation, if needed.

Put in the relative clauses and write the sentences.

(a) Mary wrote a poem. It bagged the first prize in the creative writing competition. The poem, which was written by mary ,bagged the first price in the creative writing competition.

(b) Mr. Goel is seriously ill, so he could not go to office. Mr. Goel, who is seriously ill, could not go to office

(c) Simran gave a dance programme yesterday, and it’s being appreciated by everybody. The dance programme, which Simran gave yesterday ,being appreciated by everybody.

(d) You are going to meet Amit tomorrow, he is an active member of our school’s environment club. You are going to meet Amit tomorrow who is an active member our school`s environment club.

(e) The man is rather strange. He lives next door. The man who lives next door, is rather strange.

(f) Anu’s name was missed off the volleyball players’ list, so he was very unhappy. Anu whose name was missed off the volleyball players list,was very unhappy


They sailed around the islands of Sumatra and the Andaman Sea, and followed the coastline up from Malaysia, into the waters of Thailand and then into the Phang Nga. After days of exploration, the island village’s founder, Toh Baboo, stumbled upon Koh Panyi. The island offered excellent protection against the elements had and plentiful fish, so Toh Baboo raised a flag from the island’s summit. From three original families, the village has expanded to become home to 1485 people, all descended from the island’s original settlers. As the number of residents grew, so this village on stilts expanded, even getting its own school with a playground and a mosque with a gleaming dome and minarets, all floating above water.

2. Choose the punctuation mark that can be used in the blank place in each sentence. The punctuation mark does not include the brackets. (a) Electricity has two main uses______industrial and domestic.
5 (:)
(b) ‘When Mahua comes,’ she said______‘Anand always goes to meet her.’
2 (,)
(c) ‘I wonder when will they come______’ he said
2 (,)
(d) We decided to have rest______It was too hot to go any further 
1 (.)


 1 . Ask the teacher or a peer to read aloud the following passage. The passage can be read aloud more than once. 

The story is about a woman named Doluma who was a freedom fighter. Her real name is Dr. Phulrenu Guha and in 1938, she received a doctorate from Sorbonne. She is a woman with white kadi saree, black rimmed glasses, her hair is cropped and grey and her lips are with paan stain. She once served as a minister in the Union government, so she is also known as mantrithakurma. She is not the one saying fairy tales, she is an out-spoken woman.





1. You notice in your day-to-day life people from different cultures, religions, languages, ethnic groups, etc. India is one such country with lots of diversity and we respect one another. This promotes harmony and peace among people. Given below are a few illustrations. They belong to different  states. Collect information about the cultural diversity of the States/UTs of our country and write it in the box given below.

 2. Write a speech on the topic ‘Treat others the way you would like to be treated by others’. You may take the help of ‘process approach’ to writing given in Unit I.

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