NCERT Words & Expression 1 (Unit 1)(Class 9)




1. How will the self-driving cars or driverless cars be safe?
Self Driving cars or driverless car will be safe as they would communicate between them and will avoid accident and traffic jams.
2. What do you understand by ‘cars will communicate with each other’?
Cars will communicate with each other means that all the information will be shared among cars and also response according to that to avoid accidents and traffic jams
3. What are the advantages of self-driving cars?
Self-driving cars reduced the need of parking and there would be more space for parks and sidewalks. These cars eliminate accident and traffics jams and street signs are not needed.
4. What is the use of GPS?
GPS means Global Positioning System. It is a navigation system which helps decide the position of the ground object.
5. What is a drone? What are its advantages?
Drone is an unmanned flying object controlled by  someone on the ground. It's advantages are to develop operations in energy sector, wind control and infrastructural solores etc.
6. Which technology will be used in flying cars?
The advanced technology used in drones will be used in flying cars.
7. How will the flying cars be more convenient than planes and helicopters? 
Due to advances in materials,batteries and software, flying cars will be significantly more affordable and convenient then todays plane and helicopters.


1. Who is Sophia and who is her creator? 
Sophia is the world's first humanoid robot created by American scientist David Hanson robotics of Hong Kong.
2. Why were the audience excited on the second day of the World Congress on Information Technology–2018?
The audience were excited  because Sophia the world's first woman humanoid robot gave witty answer to the rapid fire queries by Rajiv Makhni group managing editor Tech,NDTV
3. The favourite tech person in Sophia’s life is:
(b) David Hanson
4. What changes does the humanoid robot want to see in the world?
The humanoid robot would like people to develop feeling of "Love for all"
5. Which of the following statements regarding Sophia is true?
(c) Hong Kong is her favourite place
6. What are David’s assertions as far as robots are concerned?
David asserts robot would never be a thing of worry for the mankind "They will be friends" there should be mutual trust and the respect between humans and robots.


1. Go back to the chapter ‘The Fun They Had’ given in your textbook, Beehive, and identify words that mean the following. The paragraph numbers are given in brackets.
(a) sadly (3) - Sorrowfully
(b) unfamiliar (7)-Strange
 (c) quite likely (8)-Probably
(d) in a casual, calm and relaxed manner (9)-Nonchalantly
(e) something beaming and shining (10)- Flashing

2. Imagine the school in the story ‘The Fun They Had’. Compare it with your own school. Given below are two outlines for mindmaps. Fill these with words that you can think of in the two situations.

MARGIE SCHOOL; (PLACE) At her home ,right next to  her bedroom.
TEACHERS: She has mechanical teachers.
LEARNING ACTIVITIES IN SCHOOL: She studied alone. There were no classmates. Lessons are shown on big screen. Conducted test after test.
Wrote homework in a punch code and inserted in the slot.Learning in Montonous.

PLACES: Special building for school.
TEACHERS:Teacher is a human
Children of similar age studied same content. Used Real Books
Test being evaluated manually.
Children can help each other in doing homework.
Learning is enjoyable

3. Find the odd one out.
(a) pleasure, misery, happiness, delight (MISERY)
(b) note, diary, book, copy (BOOK)
(c) TV, computer, mobile, scanner (SCANNER)
(d) display, exhibit, appear, show(APPEAR)
(e) scornful, contemptuous, mocking, diversity(DIVERSIRTY)
(g) illuminating, gladdening, pleasing, gratifying(ILLUMINATING)

4. You would have come across the use of prefixes like ‘dis’, ‘un’, ‘mis’, ‘in’, etc., to make opposite words. For example, ‘consolate–disconsolate’. Write the opposites of the following.
A) Misuse
J) Unpredictable

5)The suffixes are used to get adjective form of the words. (Example: danger –dangerous). Use the correct suffix to the following to make adjectives.

A) Comfortable
(B) Sunny
(C) Readable
(D) Beautiful
(E) Enjoyable
(F) Suitable
(G) Helpful
(H) Useful/Useable
(1) Hazardous
(J) Impressive 


1. Fill in the blanks with ‘if’ or ‘unless’
(a) I won’t be able to assist you Unless you give me all the details of the report.
(b) I will take this job  If the working hours suit me.  
(c)  If he advertises on TV, he will get a lot of publicity.
(d) Unless it is very cold, we will not have any snow.
(e) The thief threatened to kill us  If we didn’t give him the money.  
(f) Unless you use high quality material, you cannot build a strong house. 

2. Join the following sentences using ‘unless’ or ‘if…not’. The sentences may require minor changes. One is done for you
(A) I would never keep a large dog unless I have enough time to exercise it properly. 
(B) Sita would have come first in class "if she had not fallen ill.
(C) You must not dive "unless" you have been properly trained.
(D) Medical evidence suggest that people would enjoy better health *if they did not consume refined sugar.
(E) I might have got the job if" I hadn't been late for the interview. 
(F) *if*you do not stop smoking you will fall seriously ill.
(G) "II" you do not come now, am going to leave without you

3. Put the adverbs given at the end of the sentence at the appropriate place within the sentence. One is done for you
(A) Mr. Sharma died suddenly as the family was getting ready to go for the wedding.
(B) My grandmother arrived early to avoid the traffic rush.
(C) The man thanked me "profusely* before the drove off.
 (D) The children clapped "admiringly* at the little girls extraordinary performance.
(E) The dog bit me "hard" when I was coming home from school.
(F) *Fortunately", the police had several photographs of the suspect
(G) Sunil left the room abruptly when he saw the bull coming in.


2. Rearrange each set of words to form meaningful sentences. Use appropriate punctuation marks.
(a) wise, every, a, is, proverb, saying
(A) Every proverb is a wise saying.
(b) see, you, can, from, me, there
(B) You can see me from there or Can you see me from there ?
(c) happy, they, to, the, were, meet, visitor
(C) They were happy to meet the visitors or Were they happy to meet the visitors ?
(d) impatient, do, be, not
(D) Do not be impatient.


1. Who is Morrie?
 Morrie is a college professor
2. How did Morrie develop his own culture of living?
Morrie developed his own culture by reading books Visiting his colleagues, keeping up with the old students, writing to distant friends and looking at nature.
3. What was the name of the project Morrie had started? What was it about?
The name of the project that Morrie had started was greenhouse. It was about providing mental health services for poor people.
4. What did human activities mean to Morrie?
 Marie created a cocoon of human activities. Conversation, interaction and affection.
5. Why was the subject of the class ‘the meaning of life’?
Subject of the class was meaning of life' because the topics covered in the class were love, work. community, family, aging, forgiveness and death.


1. Prepare a speech for the school assembly based on the thoughts given below.
Once we have computer outlets in every home, each of them hooked up to enormous libraries, where anyone can ask any question and be given answers and reference material in something you are interested in knowing from an early age, however silly it might seem to someone else, that is what you are interested in.
You can do it in your own room, at your own speed, in your own direction and on your own time. Then everyone will enjoy learning.
Nowadays, what we call learning is forced on you. And everyone is forced to learn the same thing on the same day at the same speed, in class. And everyone is different, for some it goes too fast, for some it’s too slow. But give them a chance, in addition to school (I don’t say we abolish school), to follow up their own bent from the start.
When Bill Moyers intervenes and he asks a question that is so of that time: “What about the argument that says computers dehumanize learning?”, Asimov immediately turns the question around:
As a matter of fact it’s just the reverse, it seems to me that it is through this machine that for the first time we will be able to have a one-to-one relationship between information source and information consumer.
Asimov maintains that the computers of the future are a way of allowing us all to have a one-on-one tutor in the way in which we can access all the knowledge accumulated by humans. All of those digital libraries that await us with their innumerable gems that we often take for granted. He also highlights the way in which one discipline can lead to another, and another, because they are all fundamentally connected, hyperlinked, we could say. In short and without drowning the interview in commentary, Asimov reminds us of the marvel that we have before us and the possibilities of rhythm, time and direction that we have to hand.
2. The chapter ‘The Fun They Had’ presents different perspectives on school and education. Think of the various alternatives. Prepare and give a speech in class presenting your views on how best can students be educated. Discuss why you would prefer to be taught by both human teacher and a robot
Good morning everyone present here; I am here to express on ‘how best can students be educated’ and ‘why you would prefer to be taught by both human teacher and a robot’.
Well, in the future schools there will be lots of changes. The students can best be educated by providing them the best educational environment, which consists of highly experienced and expert teachers and all the latest facilities such as computerized education.
I would like to be taught by both human teachers and robots for many reasons. The advantages of a human teacher are many; only a human teacher can transform students’ life. A human teacher has the brain as well as the heart that can work many times faster than the processors of a machine. He has the values such as compassion, understanding, empathy, commitment, dedication, love, and sympathy for his students that no sophisticated machine can ever have. All the robots came into existence rom human brain, so human teacher is far superior to robots.  
Sine robots have been created by human beings to create more precision and efficiency, I would also like to be taught by a robot teachers also.


1. Write a paragraph on each of the following:
· Electronic waste and environment pollution: Electronic pollution is the kind of pollution of environment pollution. This pollution is caused due to discarb of electronic and electrical devices. Singnificant care must be taken to the communities in the developed countries.
• Being Human in the age of artificial intelligence:
- Artificial intelligence has brought a lot of positive change but it has also brought an obsession as if robots are chasing us.
It should be realized that humans ar much better than the robots and we can make further developments. Robots can be used as teachers in some scenariors

2. There is so much debris in space, which sooner rather than later, is going to cause major damage. As a concerned citizen of Earth, write a letter to NASA Chief outlining your concerns. Your letter should be ‘formal’ in style and structure. 
From - School name

Place of school

Date - 2/10/2020

To - The chiet Administration National Aeronauties and space Administration

Subject - Concerns about the damage caused by debris in space


 I would like to raise my concerns regarding the burning issue of unprecedented increase of debris is in the space.

 More than 50,00,00 pieces of debris in space of junk that
travel at 17,500 mph can damage satellite x in the space Conclusion - I am humbly requested to look into this matter seriously space has to be preserved for future generation too

Your sincerely
Name and signature

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