NCERT Words and Expression Unit 11 Solution

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1. Facial expressions are non-verbal communications. These expressions play an important role in a play. They are powerful communication tools. The human face is extremely expressive. It is able to convey countless emotions without saying a word. Expressions tell us the mood of the characters in the play. Some facial expressions are given below. The facial expressions are for happiness, sadness, anger, surprise, fear, and disgust. Look at the facial expressions and write which emotion do they express.

Ans- 1- Anger ,2- Disgust, 3- Fear, 4- Happiness, 5- Sadness, 6- Surprise

2. You have read ‘The Proposal’, a one act play. It is a farce. The play is set in only one location, the drawing room of Chubukov’s house. All three characters in the play are quarrelsome people and they quarrel over petty issues. Lomov and Natalya start with the issue like a piece of land that is situated at the border between the two neighbors’ properties. The discussion turns into a quarrel and the marriage proposal is forgotten. They shout at each other. They are again dragged into an argument over the superiority of each other’s dogs. So, they drag their ancestors in their foolish quarrel. They again abuse each other and call names


Reading Comprehension


Q.1. What do you understand by the word ‘anger’?

Ans-  Anger is a normal and healthy emotion it is absense of peace with oneself ,people, or situation around us.

Q.2. List any four strategies to manage anger.

Ans- (a) Take five deep breaths

        (b) Get phycicall activity

        (c) Count up to ten

        (d) Drink water

Q.3. How can you develop strengths of character as given in the passage above?

Ans-  We can develop strength of character by reabsing our own shortcomings

Q.4. Anger management helps you in (Tick the correct answer.)—

Ans- (b) developing strength of character

Q.5. What is under our control? How can we make it a positive one?

Ans-  Our response is under our control. We can make it positive one by increasing our capacity to tolerate abillity to understand and by learning to nature love for others.


Q.1. What is the physical violence that J. Krishnamurti is talking about?

Ans-  The phycical violence that J. Krishnamurti is talking about is to kill another, to hurt other people

thought without, to say cruel things and to critics pepole.

Q.2. What is the violence that cannot be expressed?

Ans- The inward violence cannot be expressed. We fight and battel with ourselves and do not express it.

We want to people change and we want force them to our way of thinking.

Q.3. War, the ultimate violence, could be due to (Tick the correct options)—

(e) all of the above

Q.4. How has J. Krishnamurti given the feelings of the rich and the poor in the given paragraph?

Ans- According to him, the rich want to keep people poor and the poor want to get rich and the process ,hate the rich.

Q.5. What is the role of education in a human being’s life?

Ans- Education makes a man become really beautiful healthy sane ,and rational . It will help human beings bring about a new society, a new world.

Q.6. How, as a student, will you create a new world?

Ans- We can create a new world by not following the old, brutual culture . We have to ponder upon the outward cruelty  of man to man in the name of god, religion, self-importance, and security of family.


1. Some verbs are given below. Write their nouns and adverb forms in the space provided.



Reported speech
 1. Some children are taken to a health clinic for a regular checkup. Rewrite the sentences they speak in reported speech. (Use complain, say, tell, ask, inquire, mention, etc., wherever necessary.) 

Ashish said that he felt sleepy all the time. Neha complained that she got pain in her her legs when she ran. Sonal told the doctor that she got pain in her legs when she ran. Sonal told the doctor that she was fine.Ritu mentioned that she fever the previous week. Akash asked why he always coughed.
Rehman inquired if he should walk every day to keep himself fit.
Sumi thankedthe doctor and said him that she then knew the reason for her constant stomachache .
  • Though 'tell' and 'say' almost mean the same, there are differences in the wage of the two words. "Tell' is always followed by an indirect object but say is not.
I told my sister that she was right
Ashish said he worked hard to achieve sucess 
  • We can use 'ask' with or without an indirect example
My mother asked(me) if I was ready for the party
Madhu asked (the tailor) whether her dresses wetre ready.

2. Use ‘said’, ‘told’ or ‘asked’ to fill in the blanks in the following sentences. One has been done for you

(a) The Scientist said that dinosaurs lived 230 million years ago.
(b) The teacher told the students that she was going to conduct a new experiment.
(c) Could you please tell me where the new bookshop is located? 
(d) The student asked (the teacher) if it was possible is located? 
(e) It is requested that he should tell the truth. 
(f) Father asked (his son) whether he had paid his fees or not. 


1. Join the parts of the sentences given below and write meaningful sentences. 
(a)The inner determination of an individual can transform everything by giving ultimate expression to potential of human being.
(b)Sun teaches us that you may go down many a time but keep rising
(c)It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.
(d)The citizens of tomorrow would mould the world into a globe fit for human habitation.
(e)To be a great leader you must hear the unspoken joys and  pains of people


1. You have read a play by Anton Chekov. Given below is a story by the same author. Listen and enjoy the recorded.........story or someone may read it aloud to you. Then answer the questions that follow.

(a) Vanka went to bed early on Christmas Eve as he wanted to write a letter to his grandfather.
. (b) Why, of all people, did he write a letter to his grandfather?
He write a letter to his grandfather to wish Merry Christmas as he was all alone with no parents and his grandfather is the only who left with him 
(c) How was his grandfather a very lovable person? 
His grandfather was lovable person of sixty five because his face always crickled with laughter
 (d) Vanka was beaten many times. 
(e) Vanka was beaten because When he was rocking the baby in the cradle, he fell asleep. 
(f) What was Vanka prepared to do for grandfather if he was taken away from the shoemaker? 
If Vanka was taken away from the shoemaker he will pray God to keep his Grandfather healthy and if he ever do something wrong,his grandfather can beat . Vanka will feed his grandfather and when he dies Vanka will pray for his soul.
(g) He was sent to Alyakhin, the shoe-maker, to serve him.
(h) Who does Vanka remember most at Christmas, next to his grandfather?
Vanka remembered  that how he and his grandfather always went to the forest to cut down a Christmas tree for the rich people. They had a worlderful time together, the snow failling, the trees crackling and harses springing across the trees.When the tree had been chopped down ,grandfather would drag it to the big house where they decorated the tree altogether.
(i) How did he address the letter?
He address the letter as- To the Grandfather in the Village.He added the words Konstatin Makarich and ran to the nearesr mailbox to post it
(j) Did he sleep well after posting the letter? What did he dream?
He was fast asleep and dreamed of a stove. His grandfather was sitting beside it, reading out his letter to crooks,eel,the dog was walking  round the stove, wagging his tail. 


1. Letters in the olden times were carried by mail coaches driven by horses. How are they carried today? List the types of letters sent by different means of transport.
Ans: Letters in the olden times were carried by mail coaches driven by horses. These days they arte carried through postal services which can be government or Private. These services include the physical transportation of letter and parcels. Letters are also e-mailed. The different types of letters sent by transport are inland letters,postcards,parcels,etc  
2. You have listened to the story of Vanka. Try writing an e-mail to your grandfather describing your life. Have you ever felt as bad as Vanka did? What did you do to feel happy again?


Date: 15 March 20XX
Dear Grandpa,
I am happy today, as finally I have made some friends in the hostel. I was not happy earlier because my classmates treated me as a stranger and made fun of me. I used to get very upset. Those were terrible days. I would sit alone in the class whereas everyone would would enjoy especially during the lunch break and games period. In the beginning , I was a bitr nervous, but then I started enjoying their jokes. When my classmates realised that I was also a fun-loving boy, they changed their attitude towards me
Now,I am very Happy here and enjoying my stay here.

3b) Do you think Vanka’s letter reached his grandfather? What is the correct way to address a letter?
Ans: No, Vanka's letter would not have reached his grandfather becauyse he did not write grandfather's adress on it. The correct way to address a letter is to write the name of the person to whom it is addressed, his house number , the street where he lives and then the city.

c) Suppose Vanka and Lencho meet. Create an interesting dialogue between the two. What encouraged them to write letters to God and grandfather?. 
Dialogue Lencho : Hello! Vanka. 
Vanka : Hello! How are you?

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