NCERT Words and Expression Unit 5 Solution (Class 10)


Q.1. What had Harriet done for herself and her community?

Ans- Harriet fought against salvery. She helped her family and her community to free themselves from the clutchy of perpetration.

Q.2. What was the title of the first book written on Harriet Tubman and who wrote it?

Ans- The tittle of the first book written on Harriet tubam, The Moses of the people' . It was written by Frederick Donglass.

Q.3. How had Harriet’s life been hard, but dedicated to a cause?

Ans- Harriet's life had hard but dedicated to a cause she laboured in a private way and worked in the night.

Q.4. What comparison had Frederick drawn between his and Harriet’s life?

Ans- Freckrick  has drawn a comparison between his and Harriet's life by saying that he was approved by the multitude. on the other hand. Harriet's Work which was done in the night were witnessed by few trembling ,scared ,and footsore bondeman and women.

Q.5. Tick the correct answers.

(c) Harriet revolted as a slave and ran away from her master’s house and Frederick gave her shelter. ( )

(d) Frederick hid other slaves in his house whom Harriet had inspired to run away. ( ) 

Q.6. Tick the correct answer.

(d) Bondaged men and women had wounded and tired feet because they ran for days together to safe places from the house of their masters. ( ) 


Q.1. Who was born exactly three hundred years after the death of Galileo?

Ans- Stephen Hawkings the famed physict,cosmologist and writer was born excatlynthree hundred years after the death of Galileo.

Q.2. Stephen Hawking died on 14th March which happens to be his old rival’s birthday. Who was this rival of his?

Ans: His rival,whose birthday happened the same day 14 March,When Stephen Hawings Died, Was Albert Einstein

 Q.3. Tick the correct statement.

(c) Albert Einstein was the rival of Galileo and Stephen Hawking. ( 

 Q.4. Tick the correct meaning of the word ‘preposterous’.

(c) ridiculous ( )  

 Q.5. Why was Professor Hawking said to be proficient in ‘comedic pause’?

Ans: Professor Hawking was said to be proficient in comedic pause', as he always timed it well.

 Q.6. Which song did he sing?

Ans:He sang comedy legends Monty Python's Galaxy Song

Q.7. Why was Stephen Hawking’s singing of the song described as an ‘unbelievable treat’?

Ans:  Stephen Hawking's singing of the sang was described as an unbelievable treat' because he corrected the technicalities in the song's words and number. Moreover, the lyrics sounded suitably profound, as they had come from the smartest human in the universe

Q.8. What had the author shared with the genius Stephen Hawking?

Ans:The author had shared laugh with the genius Stephen Hawking when he had appeared on television

Q.9. Why did Stephen Hawking say that “Life would be tragic if it wasn’t funny”? Did he believe in it?

Ans:Stephen Hawking was incredibly proficient at the tough art of comedic pause. He enjoyed observing as well as pointing out the humour in it and that clearly indicates that he believed in his own saying life would be tragic if it wasn't funny.

Q.10. Tick the correct answer
 (C) He was unassuming and loved humour


 1. Match the words in list A with their meanings in list B.

2. Find one word substitutions for the following expressions

. (a) One who brings about or carries out a harmful, illegal and immoral act.

 Hint: Perpetrator

(b) The unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories of people.

 Hint: Discriminate

(c) A large number of people or things. 

Hint: Multitude

(d) The state of being a slave.

 Hint: Bondage

(e) To admit that one has committed or done something wrong.

 Hint: Confess

(f) Tell someone something positively, to dispel any doubt. 

Hint: Assure 

3. Following are some expressions that reflect appreciation

Ans: (a) Knock off the feet

(b) Touched beyond word

(c) You made my day

(d) Steal the show


1. Look at the words in italics in the sentences given below. Write the forms of the words such as verb, adjective, noun, adverb, etc. in the space provided.

(a) Comforting is an adjective, change it into a verb._ Comfort

(b) Massively is an adverb, change it into an adjective. _ Massive

 (c) Believable is an adjective, change it into a verb. _Belive

(d) Suitably is an adverb, change it into a adjective. __Suitable

(e) Irreverent is an adjective, change it into an adverb. _ Irrelevently

(f) Likely is an adverb, change it into an adjective. _Likely


1. Some words in the following paragraphs are missing. Choose and insert the words given in the bracket.

Ans. (a) faces a unique
(b) dumped into the
(c) body of ecological
(d) can still make
(e)She will Surely
(f)you how the
(g)some that you
(h) you are at
(i) in,from hosting

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