NCERT Words and Expression Unit 9 Solution


1. In the story ‘Madam Rides the Bus’, Valli took a bus ride on the bus that she wanted to for last several months. She knew that she had to buy tickets for this. So she saved money suppressing all temptation to buy things like peppermints, toys, balloons, etc., and paid for the ticket. 

• What all exciting things did she see from the bus?

 • Was the excitement the same on her return journey?

 Discuss with your classmate and write a paragraph based on your discussion on the above mentioned questions

a) Valli saw a canal on one side, and beyond that trees, distant mountains and a large blue sky. There was also greenery all around. It was a dream ride for her and she thoroughly enjoyed it. She also saw a barren land with a few shrubs, some small shops, a small town, a big busy public road with big bright shops. She was awe struck with all the brightness and decorations in the shops.

b) Valli did not have the same level of excitement, on her return journey. When she was coming back, she saw the same cow which had made her laugh and was full of life, lying dead on the road. It must have been hit by a moving vehicle. She became very sad after this incident, wondering how such a playful creature could be transformed into this lifeless one. This incident robbed her of her happiness.

2)Have you undertaken any journey by bicycle, boat, bus, train, or on an elephant back? Share your experience with your friends in the class.

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Q.1. What is the meaning of the expression “when our peers were slowing down, relaxing and watching sunsets from their front porch” and in what context has the author used this?Ans: The author has used this to tell is that all her friends has started living a relaxed life after their retirement where as they both had different plans in their mind.

Q.2. What made Vishav and her husband confident to venture into Uttarakhand on their bicycles?
Ans: Vishav and her husband were confident to venture into Uttarakhand on their lives,and were acclimatised to the cold winds, narrow winding roads and the scenic mountain trails.

Q.3. What was the strong passion that prompted the retired couple to take up this adventurous journey?
Ans: The strong passion of cycling and of discovering the hidden treasure of Uttarakhand by bicycle promoted the retired copule to take up their adventurous journey.

Q.4. What, according to the author, is the most thrilling way to enjoy and appreciate Uttarakhand? Why does she say so?
Ans: According to the author, cycling is the most thrilling way to enjoy and appreciate Uttarakhand. It is so because of the cool breeze gently caressing the face, the sunlight filtering through the trees and of the scenic mountain valley, its green cover of Sal Forests

Q.5. Which trail occupies a special place in the couple’s heart?
Ans: The trail from Ghanta Ghar to George Everest Point occupies a special place in the couples heart.

Q.6. What are the expectations of a cyclist from such an adventurous trip through the mountains? Did Vishav and Kamal Jeet get these experiences from the 100 km ride?
Ans: A cyclist expects steep slopes, sharp curves ,endless hills, bush forests and off road experiences from such an adventurous trip through the mountains.Yes the couple got these experiences from this 100km ride.

Q.1. The poem describes the________________________of going downhill on a bicycle
(a) enjoyment
Q.2. Which line(s) depict the freedom like that of a bird that the poet enjoys?
Ans: The lines which depict the freedom like that of a bird enjoys are:
(a)O Bird,see,see birds fly
(b)For a golden moment share
    Your feathery life in air
Q.3. Which is the experience the boy is sharing with the bird? What is the golden moment he is referring to?
Ans: The boy riding a bicycle down the hills feels,as if he is flying. He is referring to the golden movements of a birds 'feathery life in air'
Q.4. What is the meaning of ‘full of bliss’ here? Can the boy find this kind of bliss in the world where he lives?
Ans: Since the boy is fully enjoying his experience of cycling, he has used 'full bliss' that means extreme state of happiness. No,he finds it more blissful than anywhere and anything elese.
Q.5. There is a comparison in the third stanza. What is it?
Ans: In the third stanza, the boy has compared his joyride to that of a bird flying free in air.
Q.6. What is the meaning of the last two lines of the poem? Does “toil” mean dedication, determination, and will power to climb the hill? What is the reward here?
Ans: Yes,the word toil in the last two lines means dedication, determination ,and will power to climb the hill.

1. Find out the words from the text ‘Madam rides the Bus’ that match with the given meanings.

 (a) inquisitive - Curious  

(b) intricate- Elaborate

 (c) mesmerizing- Fascinating 

(d) immense- Uneding

(e) hardly- Only

 1. Read the two sentences given below. The groups of words in italics are phrasal verbs. This way she picked up various small details. Valli said, “I am the one to get on.” The verbs picked and get are combined with up and on respectively. Together they make phrasal verbs. Now, complete each sentence using a verb from box A and a word from box B (by making a phrasal verb). Use the correct form of the verb wherever necessary. A break, drive, get, fill, wake, turn B out, down, off, on, in, up 
(a) It was evening. She turned on the light. 
(b) Do not wake up Ramesh. He was studying late at night yesterday. 
(c) The school bus broke down and had to be towed to the garage for repair.
 (d) They got in the car and drove off.
 (e) She hurt herself as she was getting out of the car.
 (f) You have to fill in the form yourself.
1. Use capital letters and full stops wherever necessary and correct the spelling errors as well, in the following paragraph.  
Ans: An exciting bloat journey, gliding cross wise the river from Godhakli Jetty, will take to a place of incredible   mystic beauty of nature.
The Sunderbans, a UNESCO Heritage site, is located at the south-eastern most tip of the 24 paraganas
 district, about 110 km from kolkata. It got  its name from one of the mangrove plants, Sunderbans are a part of worlds........


1. Read Part II of the story ‘Madam Rides the Bus’. There are many conversations between Valli, the conductor, and some elderly people in the bus. Convert the conversations into dialogues between the characters. Many words like commandingly, haughtily, loudly (shouted), smilingly, irritably, curtly etc. have been used in this part. These are the different ways in which the characters have spoken. These show the mood, emotion, and intention of the characters. Now, write the dialogues and then in groups of three, enact it as a skit in the class. It was a fine spring afternoon. The bus was just on the verge of leaving the village. Valli, a small eight year old girl, wanted to go on a bus ride. Valli (loudly): Stop the bus! Stop the bus! Conductor (without looking up): Who is it? Hurry then! Valli (loudly): It’s me, I am the one who has to get on the bus. Conductor (smilingly): Oh. really!_________________________ 
1. The land of Mizo is a large open area of hill. The hills are blue and green .
 2. The state referred here is made of two names—
 (a) ‘Mi’ means Human being
(b) ‘Zo’ means Hill.
(c) and Mizoram means Human dweller of a hill .
 3. Which activities are associated with Mizo festivals? How do Mizos enjoy these festivals? 
Ans- Agricultural activities are associated with Mizo festival Mizos enjoy these festivals by singing and dancing.
4. What are the special features of a Mizo dance? 
Ans- (1) The dance are the experessions of the gay carefree spirit of the Mizos.
          (2)These dances are not intended for stage perfomance, rather they have been evolved for community involvement and participation.
 5. The following statements characterise Mizo people. Tick the one which is not true. 
(a) Mizos have a beautiful culture. ( )
(b) They live in a beautiful natural environment. ( ) 
(c) They are a protective people. ( )
(d) They are a vibrant people. ( ) 
(e) They love to dance and not so much to sing. ( )
(f) They have a number of community and folk dances. ( ) 
(g) The community involvement and participation is always there. ( )

1. In the text, seeing Valli travelling alone in the bus, some of the characters showed concerns. An elderly woman asked, “Are you alone, dear?”...............• What type of education should be given to them? • This is a vulnerable age and children are innocent. 


Everyone in the world whishes to lead a life of freedom where no restrictions  are imposed on him especially the youngers. The Young Children are innocent and sometimes fall into the a trap laid for them. Many children feel that the elderly and their parents who are much more experienced and have their parents who are much more experienced and have a caring altitude towards them. Many children feel that the elderly are fussy and impose restrictions on them. They feel that freedom should be given to them to move around or travel alone in a bus or auto rikshaw. In my opinion, the children should take liberties only upto an extent and should follow the advice of their parents.

2. You have read that on her return journey, Valli saw the young cow lying dead by the roadside. This young cow was running very fast in front of the bus and had given Valli unbound happiness when she was travelling to the town. Now, write a paragraph on ‘Should the domestic animals be let loose to walk on the roads freely’ where the vehicles are plying? Who is responsible for the death of the young cow? 



Man is a selfish animal. He has its own priorities and move accordingly. When it comes to safety of domestic animals, many of them fail in this task. They show an irresponsible behaviour. They domesticate animals but let them loose to walk on roads freely where the vehicle are plying. Most of them do not care about the chaos that the animal is going to create on the road nor does he feel concerned about the safety of animals. This is not a good thing. Everyone should behave as a responsible citizen ; Domestic animals should be taken good care of. If the young cow in the chapter had not been allowed to roam on the road, it would never had died. It is a humble request to owner of all domestic animals to take care of their animals.

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