NCERT Words And Expression 1( Unit 4 Full Solution) (Class 9)



Q.Look at the pictures and identify who they are. Write their names in the given spaces. The quotes against each picture may also help you recognise them.
1.R.B Tagore
2.Albert Einstein
3.Hellen Keller
4.Netaji Subash Bose


Read the passage below and answer the questions that follow.

 Text I

1. What is responsible for the present degradation of individual development?
Ans: Development of industry and machinery is responsible for the present degradation of individual development.
2. What is the meaning of development in relation to individuals?
Job security,spare time leads to development of individuals.
3. What is the ‘planned division of labour’? How will it be helpful in human development?
A planned division of means that planned transfer of work from labour to machines in a way that the individuals are not insecure for their job. It will be helpful in human development as it will provide spare time and energy for their development.
4. What does the phrase ‘symptoms of decadence’ mean in the opening line?
(B)) warning signs of depravity
5. The phrase ‘crying necessity’ in the opening paragraph means:
(a) urgent need
6. Circle the odd one out

Text II

 When Einstein wrote to Gandhi
1. Albert Einstein admired M.K. Gandhi because: [tick () the right answer]
(d) Gandhi showed that it is possible to succeed without violence with all irrespective of whether they have continued or discarded the method of violence.
2. Where did Gandhi wish to meet Einstein? [tick () the right answer] 
(b) his Ashram in India
3. Why does Einstein want Gandhi’s example to go beyond India?
Einstein wanted Gandhi's example to go beyond India as it will help in establishing an international authority that will replace war conflicts with mutual harmonious decisions
4. You have read the chapter and the exchange of letters between A. Einstein and M. K. Gandhi. What similarities do you find in the ideas of both the personalities?
 Some of the similarities are: (a) Both preferred non- violence to violence
(b) Both were keen to have an international authority respected by all.
(c) Both appreciated the ideas of each other 
(d) Both were keen to meet each other 
5. Find the opposites of the words given below from Einstein’s letter.

(a) possible
(b) succeed
(c) war
(d) presence
(e) friend

Text III

1. Which lines in the poem tell us to have self control, a clear head and not to become bitter when people speak against us? Stanza 1
If you can keep your head when all about you
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,
2. One must be just as graceful in losing as he is in winning.
losing - disaster
winning- triumph
3. In the third stanza what does the poet mean by ‘And lose, and start again’?
The poet means not to lose heart in case of failure but start the journey to success once again.
4. There is a necessity to treat all people equal and amidst people we should not lose our self ‘who we are’? How has the poet expressed this in the fourth stanza?
The poet has expressed by quoting instances like: 
  • Talking with crowd but still retaining your quality 
  • a Walk with kings as well as common man
  •  Do not feel hurt by friends or enemies
  •  Love all but no one more than the other
5. List two things from each stanza that we can do to make the Earth ours, as given in the poem.

Trust yourself even when no one else does i Don't hate others even if they hate you

Stanza II
Deal with success as well as failure Dare to dream but are not blinded by
Stanza III
• Not discouraged after losing everything and willing to start again 
o Develop will strength to hold on even when there is nothing to actually hold on.
Stanza IV
o Walk with kings as well as common man
o Do not feel hurt by friends or enemies


1. Read the paragraphs mentioned against each explanation and find out the words in that paragraph which best match the explanation given. Refer to the chapter ‘A Truly Beautiful Mind’ given in your textbook, Beehive.

(a) freak
2. Einstein was a world citizen.
(a) everything


1. Choose the correct option for the sentences below.

(i) Dave read a magazine
(ii) Having lost (in) Treated with care
(iv) Being
(v) Having been unemployed

2. Join the following sentences using a present-participle as given in the example.
a) Standing by the sides of a temple, he asked the people to go in.
(b) Coming out of the room, she greeted the visitors.
(c) Hearing the news, he started crying
(d) Upon finding the lock broken, he rang up the Police.
(e) Feeling sleepy, he went to bed.


There is an error in each line. Underline the incorrect word and write the correct word in the blank given. The first one has been done for you as an example

(c)but he can-but can


Listen to the story given below. The teacher or your classmate will read the story aloud. Listen to it carefully and then answer the questions that follow.
1. Why did the people of Kosala warn the Buddha not to go into the jungle?
1. The people of Kosala warned Buddha not to go into the jungle as it was the den of a famous robber Angulimala. 
2. Why was Angulimala considered to be a terror?
2 Angulimala was considered to be a terror as he lived by plundering travellers and feared no one. He had also chief, who has committed many murders.
3. What enraged Angulimala when he saw the Buddha?
3. The boldness of the Buddha to enter into his territory enraged Angulimala. 
4. Why did the robber hesitate to kill the Buddha?
4. When Angulimala saw the calm and self-possessed nature of the Buddha and heard his words of kindness. he hesitated and gave up the idea of killing the Buddha
5. What kind of transformation took place in Angulimala?
5. His wrath cooled and he knelt down before Buddha. He confessed all his sis and declared his faith in Buddha
6. Why did people start respecting Angulimala?
6 Angulimala became a monk. His past was forgotten, and he was widely respected for his holiness.


Write the outline of the main points, then make a presentation in the class.


Our happiness in life depends entirely on our mental attitude (Favour)

Good Morning Friends!

It is absolutely true that happiness depends upon our mental attitude. We are the creators of our own happiness our sorrows. We do it with the choices we make. Dale Carnegie, the famous American writer and speaker has beautifully said, Happiness doesn't depend on any external conditions, it is governed by our mental attitude All great men and women have revealed to us the secrets to true happiness. They taught us that it has nothing to do with the material riches. They told us the perennial fountains of happiness lie in our own minds to be tapped by us.

Lincoln, Helen Keller, Einstein, Yogananda, and Khalil Gibran left in their wakes a trail of happiness following

which anyone can have it. Happiness is the fruit of the trees of hard-work and sound character. The way to happiness is hard, narrow and full of obstacles. As a result, not many people get attracted to it. However, the way to sorrow is quite alluring and intriguing and finally ends up in hopelessness and depression. If you want to be happy, give the world happiness. Do good deeds, forgive the offence people do against you. And above all have faith in God's goodness. Initially you will find it quite formidable but carry on doing the good you can do in spite of all the odds against youl Finally, you will be crowned with the crown of happiness You will find you are the creator of your own happiness.

Our happiness in life depends entirely on our mental attitude (Against)

Good Morning Friends

Tam very sure that each one of you want to achieve success in your life and it I ask you, what is more important for

you 'happiness or access'; you would probably take seconds to choose 'success as more important element of your life, which is good in a way. But happiness is something that can be achieved even without being successful There are some basic rukes which you must adopt if you want to stay happy and enjoy each and every moment of your life. The first and the most important rule is to live in present. You might have failed in the past, but the best thing is to seek lesson from those and move forward as whatever might have happened in the past cannot be changed in the present thus, there is no gain in lamenting over the past. In addition, future is unseen you cannot be certain about the circumstances that are likely to occur in the future. Thus, you shouldn't make big plans about the future. Of course, you must be prepared for the circumstances but you cannot be certain about it. So trust me the best thing is to stay and live in the present because only that is what can be controlled and can make you happy.

Another important thing is to stay positive in your life and you must also watch your attitude towards your competitors and should never nurture ill feelings towards them. Always indulge into healthy competition and should never take your competition beyond a point where you start treating them as your rivals and get into any kind of erunity. You should only attempt to get ahead of them and not harm them in any ways. Having a compassionate attitude towards others is what will eventually give you happiness from within.

Staying happy is everyone's right, but it solely depends upon people as to what exactly makes them happy. Artificial or materialistic happiness is temporary, thus you must try to achieve the real happiness of your life. 
Thank You!


• Write an argumentative article giving logical and relevant reasons along with your points of view.
Ans. New Technology is common. New Thinking is rare • With the growth of technology, man has become dependent on the available resources and thereby let go of his
thinking and intellect.
• Before the introduction of technology, marn was compelled to think on his own, in order to help himself • However, today there are many external resources that help to sustain and nurture man.
• This has made man a creature who simply follows instructions and does not think on this own.
• Therefore, there is a limited space for creativity and growth.

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