NCERT Words And Expression 1 (Unit 5 Full Solution)(Class 9)




1. What made the narrator go on a voyage?
Ans-(b) He felt bored of his life.
2. How did the narrator and his friends feed themselves?
Ans-(c) They ate fruits to survive.
3. The narrator and his companions were on the tree. The serpent swallowed his companion but not the narrator. Why?
Ans- The serpent killed the narrator companions but not narrator because they were on lower part of the tree whereas the narrator was on the top.
4. How did the narrator save himself from the serpent?
Ans-By collecting a lot of dry wood and bushes and tied them into a bundle with reeds . He arraigned them in a circular structure round the tree and tied some of them with the branches of the tree.
5. Find the words in the story which mean the nearest to the words given below.

(A) Wealthy
(B) Wandered
(D) Frightened
(E) instant
6.Now find words in the story which mean the opposite of the given words.
(A) Wealthy
(B) Wandered
(D) Frightened
(E) instant
1. The story of Miraculous Escape has a number of words which describe the narrator’s feeling of fear and getting tired of the journey. List the words of the two feelings and experiences. 
Fear-Terrific , haunted
terrible, startled, dreaded ,
frightened , terror , desperate
Getting tired-Exhausted, bored , stress out, tired,
burn out, fatigue.
2. Can you now add suffix which can mean or relate to the word ‘fear’? First one has been done for you.
(a) fearsome
(b) fearful
(c) fearless
(d) fearfulness 
(e) fearsomeness
(f) fear-ridden
(g) fear-affected
(h) fear-stricken
Reported Speech:
 Reporting questions 1. You have learnt how to report questions from direct to indirect speech. Here is a paragraph with direct speech questions. Read them carefully and report into indirect speech. Rewrite the paragraph in the space given below. 
 Once an old man asked a young boy, “Who do you think are the most intelligent people?” The young man said in return, “Who do you think so?” The old man said, “How can sons and daughters be intelligent without learning from their parents?” The young man said, “How did you as a parent learn?” The old man said, “Why are you hijacking my question by asking me back?” The young man said, “Didn’t you know that you as a parent, now have learnt all the things on your own?” The old man said, “How do you say that we all learnt from others?” The young man said, “Why do you ask me about how to operate electronic gadget all the time?” The old man said, “Why can’t I ask you because I have paid for the gadget you use?”
Ans. Once an old man asked a young boy who he thought were the most intelligent people. The young man said in return who he thought so. The old man asked how son and daughters could be intelligent without learning from their parents. The young man asked how he had as a parent learnt. The old man asked why he was hijacking his question by asking him back. The young man asked if he had not known that be as a parent, now had learnt all the things on his own. The old man asked how he said that they all had learnt from others. The young man asked why he asked him about how to operate electronic gadget all the time. The old man asked why he couldn't ask him because he had paid for the gadget he used.
2. Now here is a set of sentences given in indirect speech. Change them into direct speech.
Direct Speech
A. Romesh asked Lata "Can you come with me for the picnic tomorrow".
 B. Lata replied “ why have you asked me
to join".
C. Romesh asked “why are you questioning me".
D. Lata replied, “There is no use visiting place. I have seen before"
E. Romesh asked Lata , "What is wrong in visiting the same place again for the place is not the same".
1. Some of the prepositions are incorrectly used in the following story. Correct them and read the story aloud. Then rewrite the story in the space given below.
Ans. A hungry dog while searching for food found a bone. He picked it out and held it tightly in his mouth and ran out into the woods, to a safe place to enjoy it in ease. He growled and frowned at anyone who attempted to take it off. He chewed the bone for a very long time and this made him quite thirsty. He came to a stream to quench his thirst He trotted around the footbridge and happened to glance in the water. He saw his own reflection in the water. Thinking it was another dog with a bigger hone, he growled and cowled at it. The reflection growled and showed back. Being greedy by nature, be wanted that bone too. He snapped his sharp teeth at the image in the water. He barked at the other dog. hoping to scare him for giving that time I w big bone fell with a splash, went out of sight, the moment he opened his mouth to batet
2. Rearrange each set of words to make sentences. Use appropriate punctuation marks.
Ans-A. She turned palewhen I gave her the bad news.                                                                                 B. Don't eat the apple as it has become, rotten
C. They become great friends after their last quarrel.
D. She become famous, after her first and only novel got a price
1. Where is the village of Sarneshwar?
Ans- Sarneshwar village is in Rajasthan.
2. Whose hut had caught fire?
Ans-Jhalaram's hut in Rajasthan suddenly catch fire.
3. Who all were there in the hut when it caught fire?
AnsJhalaram's two daughter, aged two and a half year and one year, as well as ten goats were in the hut when it caught fire
4. Why did Shrawan run towards Jhalaram’s house?
Ans-Shrawan run towards Jhalaram's house because he saw smoke coming out of the hut.
5. How did Shrawan save the two children?
Ans-Shrawan pulled both the girls out of the hut. Then, he ran towards his father and the girl's father to inform them.
6. What happened to the goats?
Ans-Goats died in the fire.
Your points:
The speed of the wind raised followed by the hurricane.
• Suddenly, it struck the ship and I had to land in an unknown place.
• I was scared to anchor the ship there because the place looked isolated.
· But after two days , the rain stopped, and I resumed my journey
1. A group of pictures are given here. They make a story. This story is from the Tales of Panchatantra.
Animals heard that they all would  be killed soon. They held a meeting as to bow to avoid ben decimated. In the meeting it was decided to send one animal daily to the lion at a the food time. One day it was the turn of a hare. He deliberately got late in reaching the lion. The lion was very angry being hungry and the hare's late coming He paced to and frog and asked the hare what made him late. The hare told the lion that there was another lion He him to try and he would eat him. The hare told the second lion that he was to the first lion first. The hare told the first lion that due to that he got late The lion and the hare to lake him to the second lion where he lived, The hare took him to a well a told the lion that the second lion lived in the well. The first lion saw in reflection into the water of the well and roared His mar resound and it made the in understand that he all lived in the well .Then  intending to kill the best jumped into id to his death/ The clever hare saved all the animals from the Lion.

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