NCERT Words And Expression 1 (Unit 7 Full Solution)(Class 9)


1. The author asks a question, “Have you wasted time on some days?” What is he/she referring to here?

Ans- The author is referring to the things that are related to school things like a pen, homework paper or English textbook.

2. Why is it important to have an appropriate school bag?

Ans- It is important to have an appropriate school that because it has to contain many things to be kept in school bag, one faces a lot of has less. To avoid such a situation, one need to keep the school bag appropriate.

3. Why should your school bag be systematically arranged and clean? How will you do it?

Ans- The school bag needs to be systematically arranged because doing so will not raise problem of finding things. All the things kept to be kept in the school bag will not get mixed up causing problems of getting things. The proper arrangement will be to keep things in different pockets and sections of the school bag and keeping them in memory

4. “Being organised will help you study better.” Do you agree? Why/why not?

Ans- Yes, 1 agree that being organised will help to study better because I would not (won't) have to waste my time in searching any of the things that I need time to time.

5. Find words in the passage that mean the opposite of the words given below. Write the words in the space provided

Ans- (a) appropriate

(b) Overlay

(c) Remember

(d) Clean

(e) Arranged/Organised

6. Read the following groups of words. All but one are synonyms. Circle the odd one out.

Ans- (a) Driving

(b) Unpacked

(c) Arranged

(d) Polished


 1. Tick the correct order of the words to make a complete sentence

Ans- (a) ADBEC

2. Why was the man afraid of getting into water?

Ans- The man was afraid of getting into water because he saw something moving. He thought if it might not be a crocodile.

3. How did the boy initially reassure the man about the crocodile

Ans- The boy reassured the man intiality as he spoke respectfully and with confidence.

4. When the man asked him again, the boy said that crocodiles are cowards, because they are afraid of


Ans- (b) Sharks

5. Do you think the situation in the text is humorous? Why do you think so?

Ans- This situation is humorous in the sense that the boy answered with confidence but the man is really afraid. It is possible the boy is indirectly making fun of the men's thinking of a danger in the form of crocodiles. 

6. A person who goes on a long journey is called a ___________________.

Ans- (c) traveller

7. Write the opposite of the word ‘coward’ ________________.

Ans- (b) hero


2. Read the beautiful description by Karishma Kripalani given below. Then work in pairs, underline the adjectives and list them. You can use these while writing the travelogue or planning a trip to a place of your choice.

Ans- Adjective-











1. In the given space, write the activities that you want/ like/wish/prefer to do or you don’t want/like/wish/ prefer to do.

(a) On Sundays, I like to play and watch tv.

(b) On Sundays, I don’t like to read anything expect stories.

(c) In the evenings, I want to see a picture on tv and gossip with friends.

(d) In the evenings, I don’t want to play.

(e) In the playground I want to run.

(f) In the playground, I don’t want to relax and sit.

(g) When I go to the fair, I want to visit all the stalls.

(h) In the fair, I don’t want to go to over crowdy places.

2. In the chapter ‘Packing’ of your textbook, Beehive, you have read about ‘simple commands’, ‘directions to reach your home’, ‘use of dos, and don’ts’, and ‘instructions for making something, for example tea/coffee’, etc.

Read the following sentences. Against each sentence write simple command/direction/dos/don’ts/ instruction in the space provided.

(a) Sit here and help your brother in learning math.'

 (b) Ride a bicycle and go near the river to see your friend swimming,

(c) Get up and go Don't waste time sleeping.

(d) Don't wake anyone up suddenly while they are sleeping.

(e) Keep a large bowl of water outside for birds and animals in summer.


1. Read the passage given below. There are language errors, for example, the use of tenses. Correct these and rewrite the passage in the space provided

2. Rearrange each set of words to make sentences. Use appropriate punctuation marks. 

(a) the orphan child, the court, guardian of, appointed him

Ans- The court appointed him guardian of the orphan child.

(b) friends, time, enemies, the worst, makes

Ans- Time makes friends the worst enemies.

(c) of the club, elected, secretary, him, they

Ans- They elected  secretary of the club.

 (d) approaching, the, saw, we, storm

Ans- We saw the approaching storm.


1. An interesting account of Gangtok is given here. Your teacher/any of your friends will dictate the passage to you. Listen to him/her with attention and try to take down the passage. After the exercise is over, compare what you have taken down with the original script.

Ans- Gwalior is a curious mixture of old and new this is a sprawling city in the northernmost part of Madhya Pradesh. It *OFFERS feast of historic sights, museums, parks, shops, cultural programmes and cuisines. The northernmost city. Gwalior was established in the 8th century A.D. and named after Saint Gwalipa. The city was dominated by its hilltop fort, a symbol of Rajput valour and chivalry. The 15th century palace of Raja Mansingh located in the citadel. The fort also "HOUSES Teli ka Mandir an ancient temple. Gajri Mahal at the foot of the fort had one of the first museums of sculpture in the country Gawalior *HAS also the distinction of being a centre of Indian clarsical music Miya Tansen, one of the nine jewels of the Court of Emperor Akbar the Great, is *BURIED at Gwalior. Every year in December a great music festival is held here to commemorate this great singer.



2. In pairs, talk about the characters in the poem.

Ans- The characters are : lady, a man, a girl, people, stall light for signals, a bell a board, a clock, a few benches.

3. Share your experience of travelling by train or a bus

Ans- Experience of travelling by train or bus: Seeing different people, men. women, children, conductor/TTE, people/passengers, boarding deboarding as destinations come hawkers selling wares ; singers. beggars, crowd of daily passengers, luggage belongings. milkmen, tea sellers, fruit sellers etc, incidents of pick pocketing

4. Write down what you have liked and disliked in places like railway station and bus stop. For example, young children selling newspapers, polishing boots, facilities like seating arrangement at the platform, drinking water, cleanliness, display boards, etc.

Ans- What you liked: Passengers from different states, dresses, ethnicities, hawkers, tea stalls passengers reading newspaper, playing at cards, gossiping, waiting for trains.

What you didn't like: Heaps of garbage, out flowing of sewer water, children polishing shoes, torn display of boards. crowd of beggars, animal straying. beggars sleeping on wayside. everything is disarray, giving out unpleasant and non seating impressions


Imagine you are preparing to go on a two-week holiday to a city you have not been to before. Find out from the Internet the weather conditions there for the duration of your stay, and the places of interest. Decide the things you would need for the trip. 

1. Now, write a short text using these points: 

Ans-The nationwide lockdown and the 26th day The number of coronavirus positive cases is rising steadily on a daily basis. Government decided on some relaxation in the lock down in places outside the containment zone 

• Coronavirus hot -spot will continue be face stringent restriction from the authorities. 

• CM Promod Sawant has declares Goa as Zero Corona Virus'. • Delhi and Maharashtra emerged as the worst affected states.

• 180 new cases Karnataka increases over-all cases to 9000 including 250 deaths. Health Ministry says doubling rate for corona Virus decreased from 3.4 days to 7.5 days owning lockdown.

(a) Where you want to go and why 

Ans- I want to go kedarnath because that's as similar to heaven.

(b) Weather conditions 

Ans- It will be very cold there

(c) Clothes and footwear you would need 

.Ans-We would need winter wears

(d) Places to visit

Ans-We can visit  Kedarnath temple, Dal lake etc.

(e) Food: local delicacies you would like to try 

Ans-Hot noodled

(f) Things you would pack for the trip: for everyday use; for sightseeing; things for special occasions, etc. 

Ans- I would take First aid kit, winter wears, binoculars, food packets, cameras etc.

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