NCERT Words And Expression 1 (Unit 8 Full Solution)(Class 9)



1. Leander’s victory at Atlanta is significant because?
Ans:Because he become the first Indian to win an individual medal in 44 years while he ranked 31 places  below Fernando  meligani of Brazil
2. His father’s Olympic triumph in 1972 was different from his own because it was
Ans: For hockey team while Leander Paes got the medal in individual event.
3. Leander gave credit to his coach and his teammate in doubles for his victory. How did they help him?
Ans:They helped him in giving  advice and kept him in good frame of mind.
4. If you are required to sum up Leander’s qualities as a player, which one would you like to highlight and why?
Ans: I would like to highlight the quality of swift reflects and mental strength the most. It is because these kept Leander Peasin the sound frame of mind that helped him keep a mental equilibrium and the strength.
5. In India, while registering his victories in Davis Cup one could say that he won because
Ans: He was playing on his favourite surface, grass and enjoyed home support.
6. At Atlanta he won because
Ans:He played with gusto and determination. Also he had not accept the defeat easily.


1. Given here are certain ideas from the poem “Where the mind is without fear” by Rabindranath Tagore. Identify the lines from the poem that refer to these and write the lines in the space given below.
(a) Everybody should be able to learn
Ans: Where knowledge is free.
(b) There ought not be a division among people on the basis of caste, class, creed, religion or any other such basis.
Ans: Where the world has not been broken up into fragments / by narrow domestic wallls.
(c) People should be honest and speak out their heart.
Ans:Where words come out from the depth of truth.
(d) Actions should stem from logic and not superstitions and beliefs, leading to progress.
Ans:Where the clear stream of reason has an lot lost its way into the dreary desert and sand of heads habits.
(e) People to be free of fear and oppression.
Ans:Where the mind is without fear.
(f) The poet is addressing ________________ so that ____
Ans:God, he creates such a world as  in the Poem.
(The point is addressing God so that he creates such a word as described in the poem.)
2. This poem was written by Rabindranath Tagore much before India attained freedom. What, do you think, is the significance of these lines in the context of his time?
The significance of these lines in the context of his time lies in the fact that India was a country where all these features could exit.
However, human mind was not free, knowledge was not free,. There were different words ruled by religion, creed, castor and other narrow domestic walls where no one was perfect and the reason had lost its way into Dreay and a dead habits.


1. Suggest a word for each sentence/phrase correctly. Refer to the chapter ‘Reach for the Top, Part I’ given in your textbook, Beehive. The paragraph numbers where these words are used, are given in brackets.
(a) A state of happiness and satisfaction. contentment
(b) An action or way of behaving that is usual in tradition custom
(c) A word or statement that expresses agreement or confirmation. affirmation
(d) The ability to withstand hardship or adversity resistance
(e) Final stage of something you’ve been working towards. culmination
2. Fill in the blanks using the words given in the box. These words are taken from the chapter ‘Reach for the Top’ of your textbook, Beehive. You can refer to a dictionary to find out the meanings of these words.
(a) She wears expensive dresses and jewellery. It seems she belongs to an affluent family
(b) At present, political turmoil prevails in most parts of the world.
(c) Mr Khanna admitted his mistake by writing a letter of apology to the Head of the Department.
(d) The Director was quite positive while addressing his employees. 
(e) The result that you see today is a culmination of years of hardwork and dedication.
(f) School children went on a weeklong expedition during their summer holidays.
3. Playing with the words: How many words can you make from the words given below?
Vocal - labour

Vocalise- labourious
Vocative-  Labourer

4. An idiomatic expression is a group of words with a special meaning. The individual words in the expression do not mean what they otherwise stand for.


2. Make one sentence combining the two statements given below.
(a) I won’t enter the room until she must clean the room.
(b)  will come to your house after doing the cooking
(c) I will go to the school when I will issue the book for you.
(d)They rested when evening came
(e)The salesman came while Rita was eating her breakfast.
(f) Do you remember when we went to see the play with Grandfather.


1. In each of the following sentences you have to remove or add a word or a phrase to make the sentence grammatically correct. Write the correct sentences in the space given below.
*Only answer are given in the following lines.
(a) Maria Sharapova likes  dancing, singing and fashion.
(b) She loves for pancakes with chocolate spread and fizzy orange drinks.
(c) Maria had to leave her mother behind in Siberia at age of nine.
(d) She put up with insults and humiliation in order to realise dream of becoming a tennis star.
(e) Her dream was to become number one world tennis.

2. There are spelling errors in the paragraph given here. Correct the spelling errors and rewrite the paragraph with appropriate punctuation marks in the given space.

Savitribai Phule “Awake Arise, and Educate. Smash traditions-Liberate” 
First female teacher of India's first women's school(.) founder of the modern Marathi poetry at a time when women's potential and Calibre were underestimated she worked for the upliftment and education of females in the country with her husband's help. She opened a school for untouchable girls. Orthodox individuals from the upper caste used to mock at her efforts and throw stones and dung on her nevertheless she continued with her teaching the British government honoured her contribution to education later on.


1. What happened to Hugh Herr at the age of 17?
Hugh her and his friends were trapped in a snowstorm while ascending. New Hamp hire's Mounyt Washington in 1982.
2. What happened to both o unable to do with the prostheses?
Ans: The two things were climbing and running.
4. Why did he decide to go back to school?
Ans:He decided to go back to school tf his legs?
Ans: Both his legs had to be amputated because of frost bite.
3. What were the two things he waso learn about physics and engineering to try to solve the problem of pain due to uplifting prothetic climb.  
5. What degrees did he get from MIT and Harvard?
Ans: He obtained master's degree in mechanical engineering from MIT in 1993 and a doctorate in biophysics from Hardvard  five years later.


1. In a group of three, read aloud the dialogues. You are Kiran and your two partners are Sunita and Sarita. Then fill in the table given below.

Name :Sunita
List of interest : She likes to knit.
She also wants to join Karate class
Why do they find these interesting? : she finds it great for self defence.

Name :Kiran
List of interests : she likes to play basketball. she also enjoys painting.
Why do they find these interesting? : she finds it stress relieving.

2. Work in pairs. Imagine you are Sunita. You are trying to convince your father to let you join the Karate classes. You can use the given clues for the conversation. Take turns to be Sunita and her father. 
Sunita: Many of my friends are into different sports.
Father: Who will help your mother?
Sunita: I feel out of place not  doing anything sporty,
Father: You are school work will suffer.
Sunita: I have decided to take up Karate.
Father: Going out may unsafe for you.
Sunita: Karate will keep me fit.
Father: It will be merely expensive. Besides it will cause other expenses.
Sunita: Karate Classes are in the next society apartment.
Father: I am afraid your joining karate may be unfeminine

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