How To Complete Your Whole Syllabus in 2 Months ?

How To Complete Your Whole Syllabus in 2 Months?

I am assuming that you haven't studied anything all year around and want to get good marks in your exams with 2 months to go.

Note for the readers: One should never try to get in such a crunch situation. It's like having to score at a higher required run rate in final overs in a cricket match because the team was defensive in initial middle overs. 

Nevertheless, the following are the things one can do:-

  • 1. For each subject, mark the chapters which are of prime importance. This can be done easily as the marks for each chapter are generally published in preparatory books, newspaper 10th standard preparation section (if that is being done) or informed by teachers to their students. So once you have that list with chapters in the priority list, start with the most priority chapter and downwards. Just in case, you face a scenario, where you will not find time for the whole syllabus, at least you will be good to go ahead answering with confidence.

  • 2. Prepare a road map for each of the subjects. A road map will be all things and by when you think to achieve in two months period. Like, if you have 10 chapters in Maths, you might decide to complete 1st chapter in the first three days, 2nd chapter in the other four days so on and so forth. As you go on, make sure to meet these deadlines. Each time you achieve your target, it will give a feeling of accomplishment and help you move with more self-confidence for the next target.

  • 3. Never think that you do not have the best opportunity. Forget about regretting and feeling guilty that you did not study for the whole year because the time has gone. But you have still not lost the opportunity. You still have 2 months, make the best use of it. Just keep doing, keep studying, and understanding things.

  • 4. Take help from teachers, parents, seniors wherever you get stuck. Just don't waste time. Keep moving! 

  • 5. Do not forget to revise the things on a periodic basis whatever you have studied. Make sure whatever you study, retains with you. Just for getting the whole syllabus covered, don't keep running without retaining anything.